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Standard Cups (PE)

Our standard PE cups feature a double wall design, which helps to keep the contents hot, whilst remaining comfortable to hold.

Branded paper cups are ideal for coffee shops, caterers, event specialists, marketers and fast food restaurants to name just a few.
Our cups are perfect for all sizes of businesses looking to grow and promote their brand, whilst creating a positive lasting impression on their customer.

Lined with a PE (Polyethylene) lining, PE cups are currently the most popular cup on the market. Whilst these cups can’t be recycled through mainstream paper recycling streams like our new 100% recyclable cups, a variety of paper cup collection schemes are available in the UK, whereby the cups are collected and sent to specialist recycling centres to be processed.
Furthermore, we make all of our cups here in the UK from sustainably sourced materials. Read more

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Our standard PE Lined paper cups can be recycled responsibly via a number of schemes currently in place.

In store collections

A number of major high street coffee brands now accept any cup, at any of their stores and guarantee to send it for recycling to specialist centres. Ideal for consumers looking to recycle their takeaway coffee cups.


All of ACE UK’s Bring Banks accept paper cups, which provide in excess of 380 recycling points across 97 local authorities within the UK.

Cup recycling schemes

Schemes operate for collection of cups, ranging from inner city schemes such as specialist collection bins in city centres, through to managed schemes in closed loop environments, such as sports Arenas and theme parks.

For more information, please feel free to get in touch.

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