The Green Effect ® is our new range of 100% biodegradable products. Our range of compostable cups helps you to reduce your business’ carbon footprint and makes your product much more appealing to environmentally conscious customers.

Single Wall Cups

Our single wall compostable paper cups can be used for hot and cold beverages such as juices, soft drinks, and chilled water as well as hot teas and coffees. Our cups are constructed from sustainably managed forestry and are lined with a plant-based material, enabling them to fully compost within industrial composting facilities within just 12 weeks.

Made in the UK

Locally manufactured and distributed in the UK these paper cups have a low carbon footprint and they are 100% recyclable making them an environmentally friendly option.

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Brand Promotion

These high-quality paper cups are the perfect way to promote your brand or business; we can design and print to your exact specification to create a product you’ll be proud of.

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All our cups are made in the UK!